BIMmTool 21.02 | BIMmNo#039 

With the BIMmImport Orthophotos is it fast and easy to import PointCab jobs pictures in ARCHICAD

The BIMmImport Window

In the BIMmImport dialog are different settings and methods. Here you can choose which jobs are to place and which layer they use.


  • Choose for Job import


  • Double click in the row from the job

  • Click in the project view for origin

Here you can set the job position for an “origin independent” place

BIMm job

BIMm jobs are the name from the PointCab job list

Target type

Target type is the selection for the project view. The are possible views

  • story
  • section
  • elevation
  • interior elevation
  • layout
  • worksheet
  • click in the job row for target typ selection

Target name

Target name is the choice for every project view. Depend your selection there are different target types settings.

  • click for project view selection

  • Not the correct project view in the list? Please create them.

  • Do you created a new project view? Please click on another job to refresh the dialog.


New layer or existing layer

Jobs will be created a layer with the job name. If you want to choose an existing one, please choose the + to deactivate it.

  • Click the layer + symbol to deactivate

  • Choose the correct existing layer

  • Default setting for existing layer is the “ARCHICAD-layer”.


  • All correct?

  • Click for import / refresh

The import starts and place the PointCab jobs on basis the BIMmImport settings on the different project views.