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BIMm Import Point Cloud Import Window

To start the point cloud import, open the point cloud import window:

Menu → BIMmTool → Point Cloud import

Import Options

You have the following options in the BIMm Point Cloud Import window:

Point Cloud Folder

Here you select the folder for the point clouds to be generated.

Point cloud folder (next to single user file)

Our recommendation for the point cloud file. A folder next to your project

Arrow (shows all loaded libraries)

  • Use the arrow to select from your loaded libraries.

Folder symbol

  • Use the folder symbol to access the selected folder

  • You can also create another folder. We then load this as the active library

Object name

The object name is automatically taken over by the BIMmTool according to the location designations. If you wish to have a separate name for the scans, enter it here


Place point cloud origin at the projection origin

We “search” for the origin of the scan and place the point cloud at the appropriate location.

Set point cloud origin manually

If you want to place the point cloud at any position, please select this option

Home story

An ARCHICAD camera knows no story. Therefore you have to select the appropriate story for the import.

Lock created elements

After importing the point cloud(s), we lock the point cloud object as well as the placed camera. Thus, you cannot “accidentally” delete or move the elements.

Also place point clouds which have no location