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XYZ is the basic for all measure points. Do you received any XYZ-file or want to create them? We have the feature for that.

Measure point export as XYZ-file

You can export the XYZ measure point directly from the BIMmTool palette. No long way over the ARCHICAD calculation.

Step by step

  • Open the BIMmTool palette

  • click the Save the XYZ-file

  • Choose a folder at your drive

  • Name the file with a correct name

Import a XYZ-file as measurement points

No is it possible to import it. Not only as a mesh. You can load it for individual use.

  • ARCHICAD tool bos → choose Mesh

  • BIMmTool palette → Choose Save XYZ-file as measurement point

  • Choose XYZ Datei

  • The measure points are generated.