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BIMmTool | PointCab4BIMm | 21.01 (12)

Since the BIMmTool 21.01 we connect to PointCab with a direct link. You choose it, we do the rest

short guide:

  • PointCab – open settings

  • PointCab – PointCab Protokoll auswählen

  • PointCab – activate 4CAD

  • ARCHICAD –BIMmTool start wall measuring

  • Measuring point appears in ARCHICAD

Measurement point doesn’t appear?read more >

PointCab (3.6 or newer)

  • Start PointCab

  • Open the “Settings”

  • Choose PointCab Protokoll

  • On the Register “Allgemein” at “Verbinde mit 4CAD”

  • Choose “Choose”

  • Search the folder for the communication. We created a folder named PointCab_Share. You can choose any other

  • Close the dialog with OK

  • Choose the 4CAD Button and the 3D-Point measurement

ARCHICAD 21 (or newer)

  • Start ARCHICAD 21

  • Open the BIMmTool palette from the Menu → BIMmToolBIMmTool Palette.

  • In the BIMmTool Palette choose the settings

  • click the PointCab Ordner symbol

  • choose the created folder PointCab_Share


  • Don’t use the drive (C:) for the folder

  • The folder need full read and write rights

  • Don’t use special characters like (ä ö / $ %)

  • PointCab 3.7 (R0) must be restarted after changes