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Analyze laser scan data easily in ARCHICAD

Point clouds consisting of sometimes up to hundreds of billions of 3D scan points with color information become more important in as-built documentation. Data collection on site using a laser scanner is fast and easy, however analysis point clouds is often a Sisyphean challenge in the aftermath. BIMm GmbH, which develops different measurement solutions for Archicad, offers PointCab4BIMm – a solution allowing you to analyze point clouds easily, quickly and efficiently in Archicad and to create building models. Since the ability to import point clouds in ArchiCAD 19 supports only a limited point cloud size of a few hundred million points, PointCab4BIMm is a solution enabling you to work even with very large scanning projects.

PointCab4BIMm imports data of all common terrestrial laser scanners, handheld scanners and point clouds from flights with drones and instantly and automatically calculates layouts and sectional views within minutes.

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