„BIM starts with measurement”

Trendsetting and sustainable

We, the BIMm GmbH believe that in the inventory of the areas construction, renovation, restoration and recompression in stock,
historic preservation, and in the property management the BIM concept will prevail. Therefore, we develop user-friendly tools and
solutions that make measurement efficient and accurate. With “Measured drawing” we have created a new workflow, in which everything
is modeled with innovative instruments directly in ARCHICAD. ARCHICAD is always the target software for BIM measurement
as well as a base for all other BIMm processes, such as the Facility Management Software like ArchiFM and all other IFC-aware

Our Philosophy

A model of a building created with BIM measurement should be used by all the institutions involved and should
be adjusted throughout the life cycle of the building. This offers particular advantages for good operation and maintenance. We
provide for you the necessary technologies. In our view, a 2D survey is no longer economically justifiable. A BIM measurement costs
slightly more, but contains a multitude of information and an invaluable added value for all users.

Our objective

is to offer, for every possible requirement, the best and most efficient solution. Point clouds or laser scans alone
are no measurement. Only the generated intelligent building model makes this into such. We believe that the combination of our
products Flexijet4BIMm, Total4BIMm and Points4BIMm, our laser scanning technology, are the ideal solution.

We are represented in over 20 countries. We offer our products and services at the highest level of quality. Therefore, we are continuing
to expand our global network of qualified service providers and distributors. We are looking forward to welcome you as one
of them.


The professional “Do-it-yourself” measurement system! Quick, easy, efficient and accurate!


The point cloud solution for ARCHICAD! Making a building model from laserscan data.


The measurement tool for many common total stations. Direct connection to ARCHICAD.


Our service for you. Across Europe by our qualified service providers.